Skipper & Co - Snug Kitchens
Our award-winning team

Our highly experienced, passionate team take an anything’s possible approach in our design and consultation phase. We encourage fun and forthright dialogue to ensure we deliver precisely what you’re looking for. Each assignment offers us a new challenge where we relish in the diversity of aims and specifications that each project brings.

We take pride in the personalised journey we take with each client.


Design / Managing Director

A trained cabinet maker & boat builder with over 25 years experience in high end kitchen design in Mayfair, London.

Loves: Perfect balance
Dislikes: Washing up


Finance / Marketing

Marketing and finance guru and the real business brains behind Snug kitchens.

Loves: Powerpoint and Excel
Dislikes: Weeds in the garden


Customer Experience

With a love of wood (mostly chewing sticks) and a cheeky disposition, Skipper is guaranteed to make our clients smile.

Loves: Playing, sticks and food
Dislikes: Sitting still


Trainee Customer Experience

An inability to sit still & rabid hunger for attention means that our clients are sure to have a warm welcome.

Loves: Skipper
Dislikes: Loud Noises


Operations Manager

A successful background in interior design means that Jenny will bring a keen eye for detail and finishes to your kitchen project.

Loves: Great design and cake
Dislikes: Raisins


Design Coordinator

A University graduate with a bachelor of science in industrial product and 3D design.

Loves: Minimalism
Dislikes: Tottenham Hotspur