Alain Roux's 3 Michelin starred restaurant, The Waterside Inn

Drawing upon our prior experience, we secured the opportunity to design the new culinary school at Chef Alain Roux’s 3 Michelin starred restaurant, The Waterside Inn in Bray. The task called for the creation of six state-of-the-art teaching kitchens that would serve the needs of professional chefs and facilitate filming of their culinary artistry as well as cookery classes.

Alain Roux's Culinary School

"The ultimate culinary experience …recreate the Roux magic at home! "

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Crafting a space that balances the warm ambiance of a domestic kitchen with the efficiency and durability required by culinary professionals is a challenge that we thrive on.

Our solution incorporated soft, muted hues and organic finishes that foster a serene atmosphere ideal for both learning and executing high-end cuisine.

To achieve this, we selected Caesarstone's concrete-inspired surfaces, which beautifully complemented the overall aesthetic of The Waterside Inn.

Being entrusted with this special project was an honour that speaks to our unwavering commitment to designing spaces that seamlessly marry beauty and functionality. The addition of this prestigious culinary school to our portfolio underscores our ongoing pursuit of balance in all aspects of our work.

Providing clients with a complete culinary school experience, from the beginning to the end, was of utmost importance. As such, we gave special attention to the entrance area, incorporating warm walnut tones in the locker, handwash, and coffee stations to create a welcoming environment.

Additionally, we incorporated an area for Chef Instructor Michael Nizzaro to work on occasion. To maintain a clean aesthetic and safeguard the privacy of Michael's desk area, we installed large double bi-fold cabinetry around the workspace.

In Nick McColgan and Snug Kitchens, we have found a level of passion, design acumen, dedication to quality and impeccable service that beats the competition hands down.

It is their consistent attention to the tiniest details and intuitive ease in interpreting our vision that makes them the perfect match for us. Thank you Snug

Alain Roux – 3x Michelin starred Chef & Owner of The Waterside Inn in Bray