Innovative design.

We have oodles of experience working on truly bespoke projects up and down the country. This kitchen located in our very own Newbury, Berkshire is a completely custom venture with true oak veneer carcases on a super modern flat panel door. This project is a complete hybrid between the warm, hearty feeling of a traditional kitchen combined with the slick nature of a modern German kitchen.

We believe that absolutely anything is possible.

Working collaboratively with fabricators that specialize in bespoke products & novel solutions means that we're not limited in what we do. Offering an ultra-high end design service from start to finish means we can flex our creative muscles and give you the kitchen of your dreams.

What our clients have said

"We love to refer clients to Nick at Snug because we have the utmost confidence that he understands the architectural intent behind out projects and designs kitchens that are completely appropriate to the space. He is also able to extend the completely bespoke and personal level of design service that we ourselves offer, enabling our clients experience to be seamless and enjoyable. A Snug kitchen will look incredible and be of the highest quality!"

Absolute Architecture - Newbury, Berkshire