Creating your own unique, custom-made Kitchen. Enjoy life. Feel inspired.

Why Snug kitchens?

We believe the home is defined by its kitchen. Often a hub of activity, where many hours are spent, we feel it’s a place that should have personality and charm as well as being a comfortable and practical space with all its amenities. Imbuing your kitchen with a ‘feel good’ factor is all important to us… Our focus is on creating a living space, that’s more than merely a go-to room for cooking and dining. Whether you’re making breakfast for the kids before school, taking a quiet moment to sit down with a book, enjoying a Sunday roast, working on the laptop, having a friend over for coffee, throwing a party replete with games, or singing and dancing. In all instances, Snug kitchens are for enjoying life and feeling inspired!

Interested in the process?

Initial design meeting

Our highly experienced, passionate team take an anything's possible approach in our consultation and design phase. We'll explore all the aesthetic, practical and spacial implications/specifications our clients are looking for. We encourage fun and forthright dialogue to ensure we deliver precisely what you're looking for. Each assignment offers us a new challenge. We relish in the diversity of aims and specifications that each project brings. We believe there shouldn't be a cap on creativity so feel free to be as specific, demanding, exacting as to what you want. Equally, if you don't have fixed ideas and are looking to us inspiration, then naturally that's most welcome by us, we revel in these creative journey's with our clients.
In any case, we like you to have fun with us along the way!

Presentation Meeting

This is when we get to present our ideas to you. We will go through our designs in detail with you and you will be given a fully costed quotation. By this point you will know whether we are the company you want to invest your time to work with. Our service is extremely comprehensive and for us this is just the beginning in a long process leading to your completed kitchen. We will never bully you into a decision but when you feel comfortable then we will move on together to the next stage.

Commissioning us

At this point we will ask you for a small design deposit in order to commission us as your kitchen supplier. This deposit is credited to your account and will come off the final price paid. This does not mean that the design is finalised. The process has really just begun but now we get down to the fine detail. We don’t just sell boxes, we offer a comprehensive and professional, design service in which Snug kitchens will invest a great deal of time and effort to make sure the project proceeds smoothly until completion.

Site visit

We will normally visit site to get a real feel for the space and to check all of the dimensions in detail. If you have an architect or interior designer involved with the project then we may ask for a meeting with them to discuss how to seamlessly blend our service with theirs. To this end we do our design work on the architectural standard CAD package, Autocad, rather than simple kitchen focussed design programs. This allows us to work directly onto the architect’s plans and lose nothing in translation.

Further design meetings and adjustments

Every project is different. Sometimes a client is totally happy with the initial proposal and sometimes we have a long design process involving many meetings and redraws. We have no limit on the work that we put in at this stage and the design is ready only when the client is 100% happy.

Ordering your kitchen

Once the design is 100% completed and agreed you will be ready to order your kitchen. At this stage we will ask for a full deposit. We will have agreed a delivery date and the kitchen will be ordered. Most Snug kitchens will be made to order so the delivery lead time will normally be from 12 to 16 weeks.

Site meeting with builder, architect, interior designers etc.

Before the delivery date is agreed for your kitchen, we will normally want to meet with your builders etc on site to discuss the timing of the project and exactly what we require in terms of services and preparation.


The kitchen and appliances will be delivered to your site by our delivery team. If required, we will have either your Snug kitchens designer or project manager there to accept delivery on your behalf.

Pre delivery inspection

We will check site before finally confirming the delivery so that we can ensure that the services have all been located in the correct place and that the site will be ready for installation. At this point we will require the balance payment and the delivery will be booked.


Our specialist installation team will complete a dry installation of the kitchen and solid worktops will be templated where appropriate. During installation either your designer or project manager will be keeping an eye on things to make sure that everything goes according to plan.


The worktops are now fitted and the plumber and electrician will be making final connections. The designer will make a visit at this point to look over the kitchen with the client and make sure that they are totally happy. It is normal that a snagging visit will be needed after worktop installation as units can settle a little and need some minor adjustment and any other small items can be attended to.


Cooking your first meal in you new Snug kitchen…

Here you are on your own!