A modern kitchen in Winchester

This stunning, warm, contemporary Pronorm kitchen is the heart of a fabulous Victorian home.

Base units – Pronorm super matt crystal white
Tall and mid height units – Pronorm Rift oak dark décor
Worktop – Caesarstone shitake
Breakfast bar – solid oiled walnut.

When I first saw the site it had an awkwardly designed kitchen of indeterminate age hanging off the walls.
The kitchen space is in a large area that has been opened up with an extension leading into the garden. the extended area is used as the main living space in this delightful Victorian house. With a young family and a successful career, the client wanted to create a space where the whole family could come together to relax and unwind.
It was important to have an easy flow to the space and although we considered the alternatives, It was decided that the best solution would be to have the kitchen in the middle of the space with the casual lounge area at the end by the garden and the dining area offset to one side by the entrance to the room.
The separate areas were well defined but it was important for the kitchen not to dominate the space. This needed a subtle approach. Wall units shout “this is a kitchen” and didn’t work well with the restricted height on the external wall so the main storage was in tall and mid height units. The kitchen was going to be a thoroughfare so an island was the perfect solution having a protected cooking area on one side and a walk through on the other. No glass doors, no cubby holes and very clean and regular break lines in the doors helped minimise visual clutter and allowed the focal points to be the living and dining areas.
As gallery owners, the clients had some interesting artwork and the use of a long floating shelf with hidden lighting under gave both a place to show some interesting objects as well as giving dedicated task lighting to the sink area.
The kitchen is now complete and the clients are loving the layout and finish.
We have thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and now we have another happy Snug kitchens customer!