The Gaggenau Zoneless Hob

Gaggenau appliances are a firm favourite of ours here at Snug Kitchens. They are fantastic quality and highly accurate which makes them a great choice if you’re a budding chef!
The CX480 induction hob is a fantastic addition to the range. We’re already a massive fan of induction, as a heat source to cook on it’s super sensitive meaning you can achieve high temperatures quickly or, conversely, a gentle enough heat to melt chocolate directly in the pan.
What sets the CX480 apart from the rest is it’s zoneless technology. In simple terms, you can put any induction pan on it and it will not only detect the location but also the exact shape of the area in contact with the hob.
This is great for creating an even distribution of heat across the base of a pan allowing more accurate and even cooking. It will also detect and heat a large and oddly shaped casserole dish for instance meaning you avoid hot spots.
The CX480 also looks great. It’s super sleek so almost disappears into your worktop – Ideal if you’re trying to achieve less of a “kitchen” feel to your family space!

It’s a great product and we love it!